Turning off VPN loses internet

  • Hi

    I am trying to set up some routing rules to send some traffic direct to the WAN - bypassing my VPN.
    So I tried a rule which directed traffic from a specific pc direct to the WAN.
    The outcome was that the pc could not get to the internet - though another pc connected to the firewall still could.

    So I tried disabling the VPN client.
    Result was that nothing could connect to internet.

    It did work before OpenVPN was installed so I guess I have screwed something in the installation.

    Any ideas please?

    In case it is not obvious - I am a total noob at this.

  • Post a screen shot of the firewall rules on your LAN tab

  • Hi

    Screenshot attached.

    When the second rule is enabled there is no internet access from the IP specified in Alias Blockpc.
    When the rule is disabled internet access is available.