SquidGuard Blackcategories is not working

  • Dear All
    I am having 2.2.3 along with squid and squid guard. I am able to install blacklist categories from the sites. Now When I'm trying to block some contents, it's not blocking at all any content. I have checked all the things. Please help me.
    Thanks in advance
    Surajit Chakraborty

  • Hi!, seems that maybe yo have missconfigured something in the ACL.
    A pair of questions:
    ¿Are you using Explicit or transparent proxy?
    ¿Are you using a blacklist file (like shallalist.de) in squidguard? in case of yes, please indicate which.
    ¿Did you create a custom category? (the blacklist needs at least one custom category in "Target Categories")

    If you could attach a screenshot of your "Common ACL" Target categories section, it would be very helpful.


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