• Hello Team,

    After 3 days in work to resolv a problem in my PfSense Plateform, i open this Ticket to see if some one can help me to resolv this problem.
    Basicly, i use a python script to add new interfaces and Vlan's in PfSense, this script will generate a file in /conf/backup/config.xml, see exemple bellow :


    and this for Vlan :



    and after that, the script will copy this config in /conf/config.xml and run /etc/rc.reload_interfaces to apply configuration
    But after that, PfSense DOWN, it will be UP after à reboot.
    My task is to make auto create interface (with script ) but i don't want to reboot PfSense, i need only to apply to this changes

    Thanks for help ;)

    Best regards for all