• Hello,
    I did not like having the user having to always sign into OpenVPN manually. So I made OpenVPN run as a service and that solved that problem.
    But what happens is they come inside the internal network and then OpenVPN runs on its own and tries to connect to itself( NetworkCeption)

    I wrote a small C# program that first determines what network it is on. If it locates a Authorized Domain Controller it does not launch OpenVPN but if it does not locate a Authorized Domain Controller it then launches OpenVPN as that means it is outside the internal network.

    My question is has anyone figured out another way to accomplish the same goal ?
    Looking for improvements

    Let me know

    Thank You

  • That's essentially what I did with some Linux laptops I had to issue at my last job. Ran a job that would check for something that should be there, if not then load openvpn. Sound logic.