OpenVPN - Unable to access LAN Subnet except Gateway

  • Hello using OpenVPN for a couple weeks now and have been unable to figure out my LAN Subnet Access.

    OpenVPN is on
    LAN is on

    LAN can ping OpenVPN Subnet computers.

    OpenVPN Computers can ping LAN Gateway address and anything on OpenVPN Subnet.
    OpenVPN Computers can also access internet via PFsense gateway.

    OpenVPN can't access anything besides gateway on LAN.

    this is the routing table on PFsense-

    Destination        Gateway            Flags      Netif Expire
    default      UGS        em0      link#2            U          em1          link#2            UHS        lo0          UGS      ovpns1          link#7            UHS        lo0          link#7            UH      ovpns1  link#1            U          em0    link#1            UHS        lo0          link#6            UH          lo0

    I hope I am providing enough information, thanks for any help you can provide.

  • Post the contents of your OpenVPN server config (located in "/var/etc/openvpn")

    What netmask is being used for each subnet?

    I'll be able to confirm it when you post your config, but just looking at your routing table, I can see that there's no route to your tunnel network.  So, what's happening is when users try to communicate with your LAN, the return traffic is being dropped because your router (PFsense) doesn't know where to send traffic destined for your tunnel network.

    My guess…. you forgot to enter your LAN subnet in the "IPv4 Local network(s)" section on your config.

  • thanks! no further help required.
    I was missing a gateway on the LAN device I was trying to access.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Yep, that'll do it too :)

    Plus, I was mistaken, there is a route to your tunnel network (  However, I was surprised to see it at only a /29… you're only going to get 5 users out of that, but... maybe that's all you need.