• hi there ,

    i've 3 wan interfaces configured with Static IP , somehow my 3 interfaces goes down for no reason , while connection is up and running smoothly on routers and then up again with no interference from my side ….recently before this problem , i had a similar problem that i managed to fix by disconnecting a linux machine that made layer 2 storm once connected .. i've disconnected it till i find out what to do with it .

    any idea if this might be the same problem , or DDOS attack or something ?

  • My WAN interface used to go down when the monitoring showing too much packet loss and assumed the WAN was broken, when it was just the remote server being stupid. It's been years since I changed this setting, but maybe that's what's happening to you. The default upstream monitor target showing loss and causing your WAN to commit seppuku.

  • appreciate your support alot , do you mean i should remove the monitoring IP for my wan interfaces ? or should i modify the trigger level to high latency only to my failover or load balance ?

  • Could modify the level or disable clearing states on interface "failure". I forget the exact settings, but I just disabled it, but kept monitoring just for the graphs.