WAN Interface loses all connectivity when OpenVPN interface is used.

  • Hello.

    I'm going to start by mentioning that I had this working for 6-8 months.  I run pfsense in a VM in Proxmox.  I also run qBittorrent in an Ubuntu VM.  I've setup OpenVPN to connect to PIA.  I've edited the default LAN rules and changed the gateway to WAN.

    I then added two rules.  The source for both rules are a single host or alias "Torrent".  The first rule is a pass rule and the next rule is a block rule.  The gateways for both are OpenVPN.  I have also checked the setting "Skip rule when gateway is down".  This means that traffic originating from "Torrent" is leaving out the OpenVPN interface, but when that gateway is down, its traffic is blocked.

    This was all working until I decided to try using containers instead of virtual machines.  Fast forward a few weeks and I've reverted back to using qbittorrent in an Ubuntu VM just for simplicity.

    I'd also like to mention that everything else is working as intended.  Nslookup returns (Google) on LAN devices.  Devices listed in the "Torrent" alias are returning (PIA).  Traceroutes are returning the correct hops.  13ms over WAN, 84ms over VPN.  This all makes sense.

    The single problem I have, is that if I start a torrent on the Ubuntu qBittorrent VM, all internet connectivity is lost for the entire LAN subnet.  I'm using Ubuntu Iso's and they will download for 30-60 seconds, then I can no longer connect to PfSense, Proxmox, or qBittorrent web interfaces.

    I'm not at home, but I can provide screenshots later tonight.  Any help is greatly appreciated.