Squid with Proxy Authenticated users

  • I just installed Squid proxy on pfSense 2.3 and its working.
    Now i would like to filter these users
    For some specified users full access to all urls and other users some specified url access only.
    As there is no option from GUI, I placed below ACLs in squid.conf but when i restart the machine its wiping off.

    acl active_directory_authenticated proxy_auth REQUIRED
    acl user_previleged proxy_auth user1 user2
    http_access allow active_directory_authenticated user_previleged
    acl domains_all dstdomain "/usr/local/etc/squid/allowed_domains.acl"
    http_access allow active_directory_authenticated domains_all

    But how to write in squid.inc ?

  • Banned

    You cannot mess with squid.conf directly. There are at least 3 advanced fields for custom ACLs in the GUI (General tab, click the Show Advanced Options button) – may I suggest investigating the GUI configuration more thoroughly?