Reverse proxy - how to change the proxy-only option by default

  • Hello,

    I am using pfSense + Squid as a reverse proxy / accelerator / reverse cache server.

    By default the pfSense webconfigurator will create the cache-peer with "proxy-only" option.
    In my case, it completely disable the caching feature of the reverse proxy.

    And it seems to be the normal behavior for this option, from the Squid Wiki:

    proxy-only: objects fetched from the peer will not be stored locally

    Is there any way to remove this option by default from the pfSense GUI ?
    I managed to add all my specifics arguments via the GUI except for this one.
    And so far I can't find anywhere to change this default option.

    Thank you for the help. :)

  • Banned

    No. You can patch /usr/local/pkg/ if you need it.

  • Thank you. Just what I needed.