• I have an odd one to me here.  For testing, I temporarily created a WAN rule to allow the pinging of the WAN interface from any external device.  Once the rule was enabled, the external computer could still successfully ping the WAN interface.  I enabled logging for the rule, and could see the successful ICMP entries populate the log.  After doing what I needed to do, I disabled the rule and verified that I clicked 'Apply Changes' after editing.  The odd thing was, the computer could still successfully ping the WAN IP.  I then deleted the rule, but the pinging continued.

    I looked in the logs on the firewall, and the successful ICMP entries had stopped.  I had been running Wireshark on the pinging computer and there were no differences between entries from before the rule was disabled/deleted until after.

    I then created a 'Deny' rule for ICMP with logging enabled on the WAN interface, but the pings continued.  And still the logs showed nothing regarding ICMP.

    I then rebooted the firewall and that took care of the issue..

    Any ideas where I should be looking to see why disabling/deleting the ICMP rule still allowed pinging on the WAN interface?

    Thanks for any help!

    pfSense 2.3.4-1
    Watchguard X550e

  • Disabling/deleting the rule did not kill the state which was created when the rule was first triggered.
    Your reboot obviously killed the state as would have a:  Diagnostics / States / Reset States  in the UI.
    Or simply a timeout.

  • The Reset States did the trick.  Thanks for you help!