Newbie question: Installed 2.4-RC, and Wifi unstable

  • Hi,

    So I am completly new to pfSense - so I am learning.

    I have somewhat strange thing: My WiFi AP, a Atheros 222 M2 2230 card, seems unstable. I started with 2.4 snapshot - I could use the WiFi AP, but ti was going away from time to time (minutes between the dropouts). Now with 2.4-RC well I can not even connect - I get no IP back from pfSense.

    Now I know I am new - and I might be pushing things with a built in WiFi AP - however it did kind of work before 2.4-RC, and now it does not. And even when it did work, it disapeard from time to time for a minor timeperiod (say 5-10 seconds before I got a connection again, and then same stoy after a few minutes or so).

    I can also see on the Status/Dashboard under Interfaces, that my WiFi interfaces disapers for a few seconds - just as I notice on my tablet (which I use for testing during my learing before going live and all that).

    Any ideas what I do wrong, or where to look?

    (Yes I have looked at system log - nothing there related to Atheros WiFi, and in Wifi Log well I do get a few "IEEE 801.11: disassociated adn IEEE 802.1X: unathorixzing port - this did not exists in 2.4 snapshot firmware)

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    What do you see in the main system log?

    Any other crashes/errors?

    Maybe this?

  • Hmm For this moment I can not get into my pfSense due to my travel laptop (which is used to connect to pfSense GUI Setup - it's the only laptop with a ethernet port in my house).

    However, for reasons I can not explain, after a night turned off - everything just works today after I started up my pfSense installation from cold. Very odd.

    And yes, I have multiple errors in my log - it is just nothing related to the Atheros network except the startup (this has to do with the changes of driver from FreeBSD11 - and it is documented in your bugtrack system.

    I'll hopefully get my travel laptop okay after all Windows upgrades are done (I think it is this large win 10 upgrade that is takeing for ever) and will report everything when I get a chance.