ESXi + pfSense gives no acces to webui

  • Hi all! I have some experience with pfSense on direct hardware but now i wanted to build a server with esxi and a VM for pfsense to handle traffic.

    I followed this guide:
    Every step went perfect however when i got to the end i cant browse to… It takes a long time then times out.

    My motherboard has 4 NICS, i use 3 at the moment as follows:
    1: control it to install the VM
    2: LAN side for pfsense
    3: WAN side for pfsense

    The one side is connected to my modem directly and placed the modem in bridged modus. However i am having questions about whether or not that is working correctly i figured it should be the problem for me to not get the webui accesible.
    All other cables are plugged into a switch, in the first position the LAN side pfsense cable, altough that probably doesnt matter.

    I honestly have no clue about why i cant acces it at this moment. Is it because i control my server/esxi through another port? Should i use the same port for controlling esxi and LAN pfSense?