Access web server from OpenVPN client not work

  • Hi,

    I have a pfsense ( on my network wich is configure as OpenVPN Client. Pfsense as a 4G router ( connected on WAN interface. Pfsense OpenVPN Client is configure and connected to an Debian VPS OpenVPN Access Server (public IP address) and all internet traffic is redirect to the OpenVPN Client.  The Pfsense OpenVPN Access Server is configure on 1195 port.

    I redirect 1194 on OpenVPN Access Server to (pfsense) and configure pfsense as OpenVPN server. All work fine, when users connect to PFsense OpenVPN Server, tunel is up.
    Users can ping all devices on LAN, but I have 3 web servers on LAN and users can't access it with web browser. They can ping and telnet on 80 port but web access with browser not work. On Google Chrome, I have a message "ERR NETWORK AS CHANGE".

    I don't know where is problem if you can help me please ?