Squidguard not starting after package install

  • Hi, yesterday I got time and want to play around with squidguard. There is no real need to set this up but i want dig in a bit into this for personal purposes. From basics I've an idea what I could do with squid guard, beside the fact its not running after installation.

    After installing, I've created a dummy target category in the webgui as it is suggested (before activating squid guard the first time) … not knowing what a target category is for ,). But there was also a thread in the forum telling me, to set this up. So I did. My thought was to learn while playing around. But at the moment there is nothing to learn, because the service is simply not starting. Maybe somebody can point me in the right direction, what is missing wrong ... maybe I've only one thing missing. At the moment I've no idea where to look ...

    Any help wold be appreciated, if there is one or two things to look, thx. If its a bigger approach, then I can live also without squid guard, its not a real problem for me. I've read some other threads but cant find the solution. So, if there is only a few things to check ... maybe someone has mercy ...

  • Since the service is not starting (also after a reboot of pfsense) and i dont know how to look inside the logs, wher they are, what is the reason etc. … i decided to deinstall again. This works wonderful.

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    You should have a look at E2Guardian.

  • Hi, installed SquidGuard again, it seems that it had preserved all my settings including the dummytarget … and its also not starting at the moment. Then i was searching the complete WebGUI inside the SquidGurad for the E2Guardian Options and what maybe could setup in there, but unfortunaly found nothing.

    Then i googled for E2Guardian. Ok, it seems to be a completely other thing ... instead of using SquidGuard  ;D

    ... which i can't install over the package manager. HiHi. I completely misunderstood ... never hadn't heard before about E2Guardian, sorry ... lol. So you mean it would better to let SquidGuard simply SquidGuard, not use it and have a look to E2Guardian, if its available as a package?!

    Then I'm deinstalling SquidGuard again and have a look, time to time, if E2Guardian is available in the future. Thx for the hint.

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