OpenVPN status showing incorrectly.

  • Anyone else seen this?

    CAR1, OpenVPN Server for the P2P link in question.
    CAR2, OpenVPN Client.

    Capture, Capture1 and Capture4 are from CAR1.
    Dashboard OpenVPN Status, OpenVPN Status Page, and Dashboard service status, respectively.

    Capture2 and Capture3 are from CAR2, showing normal never seems to have an issue.
    Dashboard OpenVPN Status, OpenVPN Status Page.

    Note the tunnel is working and routing traffic perfectly. Other OpenVPN Servers and clients show ok.

    restarting the service seems to fix it for a bit, still trying to nail down what is going on. Just trying to see if anyone else has seen this.

    Seen on 2.4.0.r.20170831 and 2.4.0.r.20170827 so far.

    P.S. Ignore the names, the P2P VPN is not bridged on either side, it is attached to OPT# interfaces on each side though, and is just plain normal routing.

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