• So here is thing

    i have PFS with interface on with address, with cp running on it, with local user management, and it runs DHCP, from to

    a have connect wireless router to network and WAN interface of wifi router is set to gateway and dns set to

    wifi on wireless have dhcp on -

    and it seems that works perfect !

    After first user logs on to CP, everybody can go directly to internet, no CP ??? why?

    i check cp connected users, and yes, only first one is logged, and it shows ip address …
    is this my mistake, wrong configuration or it is PFS?


  • maybe this is question for CP forum?

  • Search the forum.
    This has been discussed before.

    Basically: set your accesspoint into bridging mode.
    –> Dont connect the WAN-port to the pfSense, but the LAN-port.

  • i know, i tried that and it works like that,
    so, PFS cant authenticate several clients from same IP

    ok, that is information i have looking for

  • This is not only pfSense.
    This is how captive portals work.
    You cannot distinguish multiple client behind a NAT-device.
    (Hell if it werent like this we would have run out of IP-space years ago.)

  • yes you are right, i was thinking little bit about this, and it is because of NAT, so i turned it off and enter static routes in wireless router, and check Disable MAC filtering in captive portal and now works …

    and now, i see that you are talking about NAT.

    it works now