Disable remote VPN access without revoking cert

  • I realize that subject sounds stupid so I'll explain.

    My customer had to terminate a user and wanted disable their VPN access. They have accessed the UI and deleted both the users pfSense account as well as the certificate assigned to that user.
    In watching the logs, it's obvious that without revoking the cert, these steps by themselves will not disable a users access as the user is still able to establish an OpenVPN connection.
    I've added a block rule to the firewall to prevent access from that users IP but that obviously isn't the "correct" way to finalize this users termination.

    Does anyone know how to revoke a certificate that has already been deleted?

    pfSense v2.3.2

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    So I am guessing you were not using SSL/TLS+User AUTH, and just SSL/TLS..

    You can not revoke a cert that you do not have.. Do you have a copy of the cert so you can re add it?

    Your best bet is to just change your CA and re-issue new certs.. This time use revoke list for when this happens in the future and also change to ssl/tls+user auth.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    One place you might be able to find the user certificate is an export file you had previously generated.

    That would have both the user's cert and key. You should be able to import them then revoke it.

  • Looks like several balls were dropped during the setup.
    This is helpful, guys. I appreciate your responses.
    The customer is obviously due for a pfSense/OpenVPN upgrade so I can get it set up correctly while I'm in there.
    Thanks again for your help!

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