IPv6 only??

  • Okay so 3 posts in three days! Odd one now - I've upgraded to 2.4 yesterday, been playing with openvpn (as per other post) got it working, haven't done anything else, haven't changed firewall rules etc.

    But now most of the web is unaccesible to me as I seem to only have a public ipv6 address.

    To clarify:

    Interfaces on the homepage displays:

    Three green up arrows.
    1. WAN, with an IPv4 address.
    2. LAN, with an IPv4 address ( and a IPv6 address.
    3. OPT1, with an IPv4 address (that's my ProtonVPN client that I got working earlier this morning)

    Gateways displays:

    WAN_DHCP6 :::::** :::::%pppoe0 5.953ms 0.307ms 0.0% Online Interface WAN_DHCP6 Gateway
    WAN_PPPOE ... 11.429ms 0.356ms 0.0% Online Interface WAN_PPPOE Gateway
    OPT1_VPNV4 *... *... 12.836ms 0.416ms 0.0% Online Interface OPT1_VPNV4 Gateway
    OPT1_VPNV6 Pending Pending Pending Pending Interface OPT1_VPNV6 Gateway

    So as far as I can tell - I am being given both a IPv6 and a IPv4 address from my ISP.

    However http://whatismyipaddress.com/ds-check gives me this

    IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack Test

    This tools checks to see if your internet connection supports both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity. The protocol with which you connected to our server is listed first.

    IPv6: :::::****
    IPv4: Not detected

    Also various other websites agree with that as well!

    And I seem to only be able to access IPv6 websites (luckily this forum is IPv6!).

    Where should I start trying to solve this?

    [EDIT]Okay, so disabling the openvpn client and disabling the interface it is on has given me back ipv4… I had added no new rules with this but obviously something I've done is incorrect here.

  • I upgraded to 2.4 as well and had IPv4 issues. In my case there was a public IPv4 address assigned to my pppoe interface but I wasn't able to get from my LAN to the Internet via IPv4 masquerading.
    I suspected a NAT issue and grepped through the log for NAT.
    Funny thing is I don't exactly know what solved my issue. I saw some strange error logs regarding squid which was installed due to restoring my old 2.3 config. I removed squid and squidguardian.
    After a couple of reboots IPv4 was working. There may have been some other minor measures which might have led to working environment, but I'm not really sure, sorry.

    Maybe you can browse the log and see if there's something suspicious. Also please try to inspect what IP addresses your WAN interface have assigned.
    BTW: My NAT setting is manual outbound NAT.

    I also removed my QoS rules.

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