Hyper-V cannot reestablish WAN Modem connection without reset

  • Hello All,

    I've been running pfSense with almost no issues for 1.5 years, except for this as my big rock.  So, Comcast sucks and that's why I do multihomed access to our business with another provider.  I'm running 2.3.4-Rel-p1 with 4 NICs - two WAN, two different LAN segments.  It's awesome when it works.

    What's NOT awesome is when Comcast drops, and I force a powercycle command on the wart plug for that stupid modem (hard reset or soft from Comcast, doesn't matter), pfSense freaks out.  Short of me halt/reboot on the server, it won't see the modem again.  I did all my standards - replugging the cable, etc.  I'm asking for some help on the following settings:

    For the NIC Interface Speed and Duplex:  Seems since it knows it's on a Hyper-V, it only gives autoselect - not much help there.
    For the NIC type - all Intel i210 and i350.  No Broadcom weirdness here.

    As been stated in other thread on VMQ, should it be on or off in the Network Adapter settings?  What kind of NIC inside the Hyper-V should be used?  Recommended settings (IPSec, etc)?  Should I roll a hard Speed/Duplex on the NIC inside the host?

    As always, thanks in advance for the feedback!

  • Not sure if this helps, since I'm not using COMCAST. However, I'm running multiple instances of pfsense on a hyper-v server. My configuration has one NIC dedicated to the WAN. This NIC is connected to a virtual switch and the various instances of pfsense are connected to the virtual switch. The configuration is similar on the LAN side. The NIC that I'm using for the WAN is an Intel i350. I have not changed any settings on the NIC. My internet connection is VDSL and the modem is an Actiontec T3200M.

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