Performance and network configuration question

  • I am now runing on 1.2.1-RC2 of PF Sense.  It is running on top XEN 5.0.  XEN using realtech adapter emulation.  Right now I have three adapters.

    They map to the following:
    XEN Adapter 0 (Intel Pro 100 Dual Port 0)
    XEN Adapter 1 (Intel Pro 100 Dual Port 1)
    XEN Adapter 2 (PCI-X Express Broadcomm GB Adapter)

    Assigned to Virtual Machine (PF-SENSE)
    RE0 - WAN adapter mapped to XEN0 (WAN)
    RE1 - LAN adapter mapped to XEN1 (LAN
    RE2 - LAN adapter mapped to XEN2 (OPT1

    Right now I am seeing a issue with the physial issue network.  I have two VLAN configured.  I have VLAN tagging enabled.  I have VLAN1 and VLAN2 defined.  I am having a werid issue.  All the nics are registering 100 MB.  Without the paravirtualization drivers the GB adapter Broadcomm adapter is running at 100MB.

    The other issue I have two different switches, I wanted to combine the network into one single switch with two VLANS.  I am using a Nortel 380 GB switch.  I have ports 1 - 12 setup for VLAN1 and ports 13-24 setup for VLAN2.  All devices are set for auto-negotiation and the switch is also setup for auto.

    The switch has symmetric, asymmetric, and disabled.  It makes no difference how they are set.  They only way VLAN2 works is if I connect it to a DELL seperate switch.  It has 2 VLAN on it.  It also has VLAN1 and VLAN2.  I have cables connected to VLAN1 and VLAN2.  I can connect items to VLAN2 on the DELL to VLAN2 on the 380 and I get no connectivity from any devices on the 380.  I move eveything back to the DELL switch and it fixes the issue.  It affects my VOIP connections and wireless connections.

    Does anybody have any thoughs on what could be happeningor make a sugestion on how to correct this issue?

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