Captive portal registering through email

  • Hi everybody,

    I would like to set up a captive portal where the users should communicate their email address then receive a confirmation link to activate their account…

    Is this in any way achievable with pfsense ?

    Thanks in advance,



    Sorry, seems like a stupid question and while I'm leafing through docs, i'm just realising that I forgot to mention that I had a windows NPS server running on the network as well.
    I guess I just have to configure RADIUS authentication on pfsense captive portal and then figure out how to implement that email authentication process on the NPS server.


  • @Thilroy:

    …. then receive a confirmation link to activate their account...

    Keep in mind that portal clients have very limited possibilities when he/she hasn't authenticated yet. DNS works - DHCP works, and that's it.
    So "receiving a link" (by mail) is impossible.
    Fat mail clients - web mails etc won't work at that moment.


    Is this in any way achievable with pfsense ?

    Well, yes.
    My pfSense makes coffee with the mouse click  ;) (no joke, it does)
    It's all about : you have to code this one up.

    edit NPS server : I don't see how a "Windows NPS server" would help you if some Portal visitor with a (example) "Android device" hooks up to your network.

    edit again I do remember that "Mac Donalds" does have port "110" and "143" open up front, and better yet, they intercept the connections using these ports, they "intercept" your mail address (yes .. yes, they did) and …. when my mails came in, I also received a mail (on ALL my mail accounts) from them with HouseRules, "Welcome" & "More burgers .." etc etc. I think they abandoned this procedure  ^^ (and all my mails passes along using "993" / "995" now - Mac Donals's doesn't do MITM yet ...)

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