Dnsbl geoblocking unselected country

  • Hi folks.

    I have geoblocking enabled but noticing it's blocking this IP address (US based IP):


    However I do not have US selected in the geoblocking sections (top 20, NA, etc).

    denied list:
    Sep 11 21:18:43 LAN pfB_Top_v4    (1770009096) TCP-S    xboxone      US Country

    Is there something I can do within pfblockering to resolve?

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    That IP is hosted in Brazil as per MaxMind. You can run the following command in a pfSense shell:


    More info here (see the whois info):

    The Alerts tab has a ! icon which will open a Threat Source lookup page which has a lot of other resources that can be used.

    To overcome this block, you can create a Permit Outbound IPv4 alias and add this IP to the customlist and select the appropriate "Rule Order" option that places the permit rule above the block/reject rules.

  • HI BBCan..

    Your link shows this:

    IP information
    IP address
    Location Boydton, Virginia, United States (US) flag
    Registry lacnic

    Is there a difference between physical IP location and GEO based lookups?


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