Openvpn routing client gateway groups

  • Hi,
    Thank you for the great software.I`m just learning it and i love it.

    Here is my setup :

    I have running openvpn server on the pfsense box.
    2 tuunels to public vpn provider.Tunnels starts fine.Combine them into gateway group(tier1).
    Openvpn client can connect to server and can reach internet trough pfsense_box.

    When I assign gateway group to LAN machines (change default gateway in LAN-rules)  I can reach Internet trough tunnel1 or tunnel2.

    I can not do it for the openvpn_client.
    I want openvpn_client to reach Internet trough gateway group.
    I suspect something with routes , but it just did not happened.

    Any suggestion will be valuable

    Thanks again.

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