VPN Routing issue

  • Hi
    I have I think a routing issue that I could do with some help on.
    I have two pfsenses one in site A ( and one in site B ( I have a site to site VPN that works great, users in site B can access the mail server in site A whilst on site.

    I have also set up an open VPN server on site B ( clients get so clients can work from home and VPN in and get to site B's server, this also works ok

    Problem is when the users VPN in they cannot access the mail server or anything on the site A lan.

    I have put in the client VPN settings  both the local networks and
    do I need to do anything else


  • You have to add the site B client tunnel Network to site A site to site settings at Remote Networks to tell it the route for responses.

  • I'd add:

    push "route";

    to the OVPN RAS server you have on under Advanced Options / Custom Options in the OVPN settings.  You'd "push" that route to the client, thus forcing that network down the tunnel.


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