Aliases - best practice for multiple host subnets

  • I want to block several subnets so I set up a alias.  When I add a network such as
    The GUI translates that to single addresses instead of a subnet.  This works, but after a few subnets the list of addresses in the alias starts getting pretty long.  Is there a better way I should be approaching this?  One subnet per alias and then use a "master" alias?  Is there a limit to how many individual addresses I should use per alias?

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    huh? Where are you seeing that as single address an not a network?

  • Thanks for the screenshot.  I didn't realize I could set it to networks.  I had it set to hosts and when I would enter a subnet EG, it would expand that to,,, etc with showing twice.

    The 24 address twicw is probably a bug but I now understand what it was doing and a much better way to manage subnets.

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    Not sure what you mean by 24 twice?  But when you pick hosts it states that if you put IPs in via a range or mask that they will be expanded

    "An IP range such as or a small subnet such as may also be entered and a list of individual IP addresses will be generated."

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