Strange behavior from Traffic totals and RRD Summary

  • I have a new pfsense installation that is 24 hours old.  When I go to monitoring and look at the WAN connection I see the information in the first attachment.  Data has been flowing through the WAN connection all day.

    If I now go and look at the Traffic totals, I see the information in the second attachment.  No data has been recorded for the WAN port.

    Finally, if I go and look at RRD Summary.  I see the information in the third attachment.  This shows that there has been data for the last 2 months.

    This is a brand new installation with a newly formatted SSD drive.  I have removed and reinstalled both packages with no change in the resulting data.

    The only difference between this implementation of PFSense and the others I have installed is that this implementation has 9 active interfaces.

    Any thoughts on what I can do to get accurate information?

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