SquidGuard breaks my DNS

  • Hi guys, new to PFSense and the forums.

    I have pfsense installed on a server which is in a small testing environment.

    WAN is set to an external address 195… etc and the gateway is set as  needed
    LAN is and the gateway is which also allows access from the 192 network. i can access the website from the 192 network but not ping it. and i have a laptop plugged into a switch to connect to the server.

    I have all the basic config set up and can give information if needed, but the main problem is that once i check the enable squid guard box, i get error connection failed or forbidden by proxy

  • i get error connection failed or forbidden by proxy

    Connection failed is a block msg for https.  Proxy error is a block msg for http.  Looks like it's working.  Do you have default access set to Allow in the common ACL?  When working with squidguard, you must click the Save button on the page you're on, and then go back to General settings and click Apply.

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    This actually might be the sign of it all working as expected - see explanations at https://docs.diladele.com/faq/squid/cannot_connect_to_site_using_https.html

  • Im now able to access normal websites, i just have to fix it on https sites, thanks for the help.

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