Open VPN multi core solution ?

  • Hi all,

    I've been using a APU2C4 board for a while in combination with VyprVPN. It works, but the speed is about 42megabit/s. The bottleneck is the CPU core that is used by openVPN.

    After some searching i found this article It makes me think, would it be possible to assign the APU as follows:
    ETH0 - LAN
    ETH1 - WAN VPN1
    ETH2 - WAN VPN2

    I can connect both ETH1 and ETH2 to my modem.

    In this way it would be possible to double the VPN speed (?) since it does no multithreading and each WAN connection has it's own thread on a core (The APU has 4 cores) I only need to use a load balancer to use both connections.

    So far the theory… I haven't got enough experience to make this work. I've added a second OpenVPN client, but i cannot "bind" it to a interface. Any thoughts about this and if it could work ?



  • Netgate Administrator

    It is possible to do something like that. It will only make any difference if you have multiple connections running over the VPN, a single file download will not benefit.

    There is no need to connect multiple interfaces to the modem. You just need two (or more) OpenVPN clients running. Assign those clients as interfaces and enable them so you get gateways for them. Then setup a load balancing group for them as you would for multiple WAN connections.

    Whatever your remote OpenVPN server is has to allow multiple connections of course. If that's a paid service they may not.


  • Thank for the reply. In short, it won't work for me  ;D

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