Several mac addresses use OpenVPN interface, rest use WAN?

  • I have 2 devices on a home LAN that need to use OpenVPN to access the internet

    device 1 uses a fixed IP and is wired
    device 2 uses DHCP lease and is wireless
    all remaining devices don't require OpenVPN

    At present my pfSense device is simply set up as a regular router with 1x WAN and 1x LAN

    I'm about to create the OpenVPN client and interface

    I'm wondering with my setup above, if its possible to create a rule that says something like "any device with the following MAC addresses must use the OpenVPN interface" ?

  • You can create an alias and put the IPs in it that you want to use the OpenVPN interface. Then put a firewall rule on your LAN (above the LAN to any rule) that specifies that traffic with source from that Alias uses the OpenVPN gateway (under advanced).

  • Add a static lease to your WiFi DHCP client, then add this to the alias list.

    Then, as above, create the firewall rule.

  • Ah, good info. I'll give that a try, thanks.

    I'm just doing the prep work at the moment before I add any rules to the firewall.

    All I've done is

    1. Create the CA, for OpenVPN client
    2. Create the OpenVPN client (showing as UP)
    3. Create the interface OPT1 and set it to port ovpnc1

    the problem i have is, as soon as i enable OPT1 interface and reboot, all my internet traffic stops

    nothing has been configured by me to use OPT1, so why is this?

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