Upgrade to 2.4.0-RC Question

  • Hi all,

    I'm currently running 2.3.4-RELEASE-P1 and I'm looking to upgrade to 2.4.0-RC.  When I to go to Update Settings and choose "Next major version (2.4)" branch, the system suggests the following as the upgrade:


    Is this the correct version to upgrade to get to 2.4.0-RC, or should it say 2.4.0-RC outright?  If it's the latter, any idea how I can get 2.4.0-RC to show up to upgrade to?

    Thanks in advance for your help, I really appreciate it.

  • That is correct, see this thread.


  • Thanks for your help - I was able to upgrade to 2.4.0-RC, but not without a some issues.  Started the upgrade process and after a couple seconds got an "Update Failed" message.  Lost connection to web gui shortly after that and system rebooted.  Thinking the system might not come up again I started to prepare for a reinstall (thankfully I had made back ups of the configuration).  Right as I was about to start, the system came back up and the nice new 2.4.0 login screen greeted me.  Whew, crisis after averted :).

  • I had one quick follow up question:  Since the snapshots are released regularly, how often does it make sense to upgrade to the latest snapshot?  Daily, Weekly, or maybe monthly?  Or does it make more sense just to wait for the final 2.4.0 release at this point if the current version that I'm running is working just fine?

    Thanks again for your help.

  • If you are going to test and contribute to closing remaining bugs, I would say the more often the better.  If you just want to use it, and everything is working I wouldn't touch a thing till a bit after release. New features as not often released this close to release, and if everything is working, why bother?

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