Firewall rules

  • Hello,
    I'm quite new on pfsense but I already love it :-D
    My problem is the following:
    I would like to use a OpenVPN for the traffic directed to a specific website (watching tv at and I ahem already setup the openVPN client, the interface etc..
    If I use the openvpn interface as gateway in the firewall rule "Default allow LAN to any rule" it works.
    If I setup a role to redirect only the traffic with destination it doesn't work (Sky says I'm out of the Italian boarder, and it is true) but if I do it with whatismyipaddress it works.

    So I need to understand why it work redirecting all the traffic and not when I specify that website as destination.
    How can I "debug" and monitor what is going on?
    I'm not much in firewalls and networks, just a user unfortunately.

    Thank you very much for any advise.

  • It might help you to post a screen shot of your rule.

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