PS VUE and VPN can I route based on application being used or anything like that

  • I need help and thanks for the help the other day.

    Okay I know I cannot use VPN with PS Vue which would be cool but my router has VPN service running.  My issue is this.  I have 3 devices that I want to run with VPN, but these devices also are the same devices for PS Vue.  I basically need to say hey if PS Vue is being used go non vpn else go vpn.  I have been trying to find IP addresses for PS Vue or maybe what port they use.  Yet I don't know if I can tell it to use non vpn when a certain port is opened.  I am very new to all of this so any help would be good.  If all else fails I can put another firestick in just for PS Vue its only 40 bucks, but If I can save money I will.

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