Dual OpenVPN RoadWarriors -> Use different cores?

  • Hi.

    When my new computer/pfSense-to-be arrives.
    I will set it up to connect 2 openvpn connections.
    Will pfSense/bsd "under the hood" put these 2 clients on different cores automatically, or do i need to do some configuration to seperate these to their own cores?

    The computer will have an Intel i7-5550U CPU, and i will enable aes-ni for the clients.
    The vpn server has AES-256-CBC for the encryption.

    Currently i have 250/100 Mbps connection and might upgrade to 250/250 or 500/500.

    I want to seperate the vpn because some servers needs ports to be open, and other clients on my lan will not, and they could use the other vpn connection that is closed off from internet (port-wise).