Desbloqueando ATUBE

  • I have a problem with the PFsense of my company, I am new with the tool, there was a friend of the area, but the same one left, and I will be responsible for it,
    PFsense is blocking the download of the videos in the Atube Catcher program. and I do not want that to happen, he will master some Download options for which format will lower, but not 0%.

    Can someone help me?

    thank you.

  • Вы должны опубликовать на английском языке здесь, так как это английские форумы.

  • What packages do you have installed?  One of them is likely doing the blocking, such as pfBlocker or squid/squidguard for example.

  • I have Squid and Squidguard, but I've seen what's blocking my Firewall. which is Juniper.
    I'm already trying to release the necessary ports.
    thank you.

  • Thanks for reporting back.