Redirect HTTPS fails

  • All,

    Forwarding HTTPS works without issues; but when I'm trying to redirect HTTPS over another port it fails.

    I've created the correct NAT rule and according firewall rule.

    But if I try redirecting the port it fails to connect:

    I've tried playing with Pure NAT, Proxy NAT, different settings within Advanced -> Firewalling but to no avail.

    Anyone got this working?

    edit included the logfile where you can see it gets redirected and the retaken by the WAN interface…

  • The destination in the firewall log is another one than shown in the NAT rule. So that traffic will be natted by another rule, we don't know.
    Please post the according rule or tidy your NAT rules.

  • This is the only NAT rule I have so yeah, I ain't nothing extra.
    The issues is that something is broken then when you port forward with HTTPS or that HTTPS doesn't allow it or that the firewall redirects towards itself.

    Here are the screens of the full NAT and FIREWALL rules.

  • Why have you set a source port in the firewall rule?
    The source port is selected dynamically by the OS and won't match to that you've set. You can see the different source ports in the firewall log.

  • Autocreated rule when I add destination port for redirect.
    SO I  create the NAT rule and the Firewall rule is added for me. But even when I input manually and just NAT and on the Firewall allow all it doesn't work…