Pfsense OpenVPN Server poor udp performance

  • Didn't want to necro any of the old topics from 2016 "" etc, even though this might be related.

    So I was experiencing slow 1Mbit! openvpn performance on 100/10mbit link, also I had packet drops.
    I fixed it for me with changing port to TCP  and adding sndbuf 393216;rcvbuf 393216; buffer attributes to client conf.

    CPU is i5-5250u aes-ni
    4 x Intel I211-AT- 101001000
    WAN 100/10 Mbit

    My pfsense openvpn server settings were
    pfsense 2.3.4 p1
    bsd crypto engine
    port 1194

    Client windblows

    tried to figure out and correct possible mtu problems.

    • ping -f -l 1472 was the last succeful packet

    • mtu-test gave: NOTE: Empirical MTU test completed [Tried,Actual] local->remote=[1557,1557] remote->local=[1557,1557]

    • tried mssfix + fragment 1200,1300,1400 settings
      no help

    • Disabled system -> advanced -> networking -> "Hardware Checksum Offloading"
      no help

    • changed vpn server wan port to 11994, 443
      no help

    -changed to tcp
    speed increased to

    • changed many different encryption settings / hw-acceleration settings
      no affect, cpu was on 0-1% anyway

    • tested this
      openvpn –genkey --secret /tmp/secret
      time openvpn --test-crypto --secret /tmp/secret --verb 0 --tun-mtu 20000 --cipher aes-256-cbc
      which gave 12sec / 266Mbit result
      Finally adding this to client ovpn conf file to the end:
      sndbuf 393216;
      rcvbuf 393216;
      push "sndbuf 393216";
      push "rcvbuf 393216";

    raised the badwith to iperf 33Mbit/s | file transfer to 30Mbit/10Mbit. ~3.5MB/sec upload (from client side) 1MB/sec download (from client side). CPU usage on ~3.5MB/sec file transfer is ~3%.

    Iperf comparsion attached.

    Hope this helps somebody else as it took day to figure out :D

    I still wonder why UDP is so slow? :o

    edit. corrected some typos

    • this system tunable I also added:
      net.inet.ip.fastforwarding OpenVPN speedup 1
      Don't know if it had any affect..