PFBlock Logging

  • Hello.
    I have PFBlock setup and running. I would like to get all the IP's that are matching the PFBlock Rules. When I try to check the IP's that PFBlock is blocking it only displays the IP Addresses from the current time.
    I've tried to enable Global Logging but it does not seem to work like I expected.
    Is it possible to achieve what I am asking?

  • Moderator

    If I am following your question correctly, you are saying that the "Alerts" Tab is not showing a larger time frame of blocked traffic?

    Keep in mind that the Alerts Tab reads the pfSense firewall log to get its details. So if the pfSense Firewall log is small, it won't contain a lot of data.

    You could also configure the pfSense firewall log settings to remove the logging for the "Log packets matched from the default block rules in the ruleset" as this is a noisy rule.

  • Good morning some tutorial of this new version of pfblock? in one that I used, it works when I restart pfsense the internet does not work, only when pfblock is disabled and active again, works again

  • You should start a new topic for you problem.

    In you case, inspect the Alerts Tab to figure out what is blocking traffic.

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