How do I access proxy using Openvpn, Android Phone and Cellular Data Connection

  • I want to access my squid proxy through Openvpn on a data connection. I know that when I am on wifi I can use the advanced settings to set the proxy. With cellular data I did notice that I can set a proxy for the APN for my carrier.

    I assume that is if my carrier uses a proxy and that it would not apply to my VPN connection. I did try it with no success. Here is my setup.

    Action    Protocol              Source  Port  Destination              Port          Gateway
    Reject    IPv4*                      *            *      pfB DNSBLIP        *                  *
    Reject    IPv4*                      *            *      pfB Ads Spyware  *                  *
    Pass        IPv4 TCP/UDP        *            *      Server IP              53 (DNS)      *
    Block      IPv4 TCP/UDP          *            *            *                    53 (DNS)      *
    Block      IPv4 TCP/UDP          *            *            *                    80 (HTTP)      *
    Block      IPv4 TCP/UDP          *            *            *                    443(HTTPS)    *
    Pass      IPv4*                      *            *            *                    *                  *

    My NAT Settings just have the two basic pfblocker rules.

    Also Squid's ACL has the VPN subnet added but that does not seem to affect anything. The connections seem to be dropped by the "block HTTPS "rule. These are the same settings I have for my LAN and the LAN works perfectly it filters https as well as http. I also have WPAD setup.

  • So I got further on this following the link found in this forum on setting up a proper interface. I also copied all the rules that I stated above to the interface and deleted them from the OpenVPN tab. OpenVPN was also restarted.

    I know that the vpn is partially being filtered by squid because if I go to a blocked http site it shows the squd filter page, but now my "block port 443" rule is blocking vpn traffic when enabled. I think that if I was dealing with my laptop this would be fixed by setting the proxy, but on android I can only do that on WIFI it seems. I hope this additional information can help someone help me. Even if someone could point me to some articles or research material. I will keep looking around until then.

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