Automatically update state based upon rule change?

  • I use a combination of pfSense and another commercial firewall brand.

    On my commercial brand, when I make a firewall rule change, it automatically resets any states that would be affected by that rule change, and only that rule change.

    From what I can see on pfSense is that if there exists a state in play that would get modified (killed) by implementing a new rule, the only way to have that forced immediately is to reset the state table of the entire firewall.

    Is there a way to just reset the states of a new or modified rule when it is applied?

    Thanks in advance!

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    you can search in your state table and only kill the ones you want.  For example you could look for the IP that would be involved in the state for the rule your changing and only kill those specific states.  You do not have to kill every state in the table, etc.  Which can tick off some users ;)  When you do such a thing…

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