Trouble With OpenVPN Client (X Post from Reddit PFSENSE and homelab)

  • Hello all! I am trying to use a Ubuntu VPS OpenVPN server to act as the boundary of my network, but I'm having issues with the implementation of the OpenVPN client in my pfSense router. For countless hours I tried to convert my .ovpn file to the values the web configurator asks for, and have still yet to get it working. I am looking into making a patch to allow for uploading an OpenVPN client config file, but am looking for a solution in the meantime. I have my working opvn config file on my pfSense box, and have the command "openvpn –config /path-to-config" run at boot, and that works fine... The only issue is that I can't configure this network adapter from the web panel, and I can't figure out how to configure it otherwise. I can't ping the pfSense box from the VPN server, but I can ping other clients from the server. I'm assuming there is a firewall rule that's blocking me from accepting ANY inbound connections? (Can't ping, SSH, or open web config panel from other ovpn clients or the server). Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated, and I will also gladly accept any advice if anybody knows anything about how to write the code for the web configurator. I have the "Add Client From Config File" button, but that's it so far.

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    That won't ever work properly. You must configure it using the GUI. If you post the details of your configuration (without anything private included), we can help you determine how it will be setup in the GUI but running it in the background like you are doing is not viable.

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