Access LAN resources from outside using OpenVPN

  • Hello all!

    A client asked me to set up VPN in such a way that he and his employees can access shared resources of the LAN from outside the company.
    They have the following setup:

    outside IP: 88.x.x.x
    internal IP:
    port forward for 1194

    pfSense server:
    WAN port:
    LAN port:

    Virtual network:

    CA has been created, so was a user who can access the server from outside using OpenVPN client. I can access from outside the LAN. But I cannot ping nor can I see other machines in the LAN.
    I suppose I have to connect to

    Can anyone guide me?

    Thank you!

  • Is the pfSense LAN IP the default gateway on the LAN machines?

    Please post your vpn settings.