How to translate the keyword "System" in the system language pack

  • Hi everyone.

    I am Vietnamese. I am working on translating the Pfsense language packs.
    All is very good, only the word "System" I can not switch back to Vietnamese.
    Because the word "System" contains 6 characters. If I translate more than 6 characters,
    Access will break the interface.

    Is there a way to translate the word "System" to be longer than 6 characters?

    Thank you!

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    Please, file a bug about the GUI. I filed a bug about the GUI. This stupidity needs to go. Hitting it with packages as well (Suricata/Snort). This dropdown was designed for systems with many interfaces for firewall rules (so that you do not have a zillion of tabs with unreadable description), but it triggers on completely unwanted places.

    Note: The problem is not the word system or any other particular word. It's when a certain number of characters is reached on the tabs or something else combined, then the GUI switches to dropdown. So, for short term fix, if you can make the translation of any of the tab items appearing on that page shorter, it will avoid the issue. (The "Captive Portal Auth" appears to be a good candidate).

  • The error was not caused by the number of out-of-frame tabs, due to the 6-letter convention for "System".
    You can try to translate any words as long as you do not exceed 6 characters.
    The other tabs I have translated in shorter words. But still not resolved the above error.
    Although you guarantee 100% of all other cards do not exceed the frame limit.
    But if the word "System" is longer than 6 characters, the style will break itself.

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    You do not understand. It is not about the word System. It is when you exceed the total characters limit for the tabs on the page, it switches to dropdown. It is just coincidence that you are hitting it with "system". Any other item there will cause this, when total limit is reached.

    Example: Replace "Captive Portal Auth" with "CP Auth" and you will no longer have the issue with "System".

  • Ah…. Ok it worked.

    Error due to previous I did not clear the browser cache, so it still crashes when I briefly translate other tags.

    One time I thank you for reminding me!

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    Good. Just for illustration, you really can break this with anything; e.g. here I replaced the string "NTP" with "NTP Lets Break This" in /usr/local/www/, resulting in: