TLS Handshake for Google, Facebook, Yahoo not working

  • I was happy for about a week with pfsense using it via Virtual Machine on Windows 10.  Now all hell has broken loose.  On some of my LAN machines I cannot access Google, Facebook etc and it seems the TLS handshake is the issue.  Now all of my wifi machines can reach the sites just fine and some of my lans can reach some of the of the sites, but nothing is guaranteed.  I have no idea what has happened.  I know earlier this morning my Windows 10 updated and I had to restart.  IT was working just fine, I left to go drop my modem off at Spectrum, and when I came back home, all hell was broken loose.  If anyone has any idea or in suggestions let me know.  I had Open VPN running and Squid, but all of that had been running for awhile.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Do your clients use the same DNS server as squid/pfSense? If you are intercepting HTTPS (even with peek/splice, not just MITM/bump) then if your local client gets a different DNS result from the firewall, it can break SSL connections.

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