IP got blocked

  • Hi, I run a plex-server in my network, and everything works fine for all users I share content with, beside one. They got a tv with inbuilt plex-client and when they try to use that my pfsense seems to block the whole IP. But after a reboot of my pfsense it works again, for some time.
    Any clue what this can be and how to solve it?

  • If I uncheck:
    Block bogon networks
    Blocks traffic from reserved IP addresses (but not RFC 1918) or not yet assigned by IANA. Bogons are prefixes that should never appear in the Internet routing table, and so should not appear as the source address in any packets received.
    Note: The update frequency can be changed under System->Advanced Firewall/NAT settings.

    It seems to work. What is going wrong? Me and the friend who affected by this issue have the same ISP and all the other using my plex-server have other ISPs. The ISP has something misconfed?

  • you might try posting on the Plex forums (forums.plex.tv) to see if anyone has ideas. i'm just shooting in the dark but you might have your friend try using Google DNS instead of your ISP's DNS.

  • Are you running suricata or snort? Is that placing a block on the ip?



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