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  • I need to whitelist something on a DNSBL and am trying to figure out why a site is not working.

    Under DNSBL IP Firewall Rule Settings - in addition to 'Deny Outbound', I have Enable Logging set to 'Enable'. Yet when I visit the logs there are no entries. I tried a different browser and got a SSL certificate error for DNSBL which tells me it is blocking something, but why is it not logging that?

    2.1.1_10 is my version

    If I log into the router and examine /var/log/pfblockerng/dnsbl.log there are entries there, but they are not showing up in the system log as the description says it should.

  • Moderator

    The "DNSBL IP Firewall rule" is only used for IPs that are listed in the Domain based feeds that you are using. So if IPs are found, they are added to a firewall rule for Blocking.

    DNSBL blocks via Unbound Resolver (DNS).

    You need to review the pfBlockerNG "Alerts" tab to see what is being blocked and then whitelist from there.

  • Well that actually makes sense. I wasn't making the mental distinction between the IP logging vs DNS logging. Sure enough, under alerts they are there. Alerts also shows which DNSBL list it is on too which the log file doesn't appear to show.


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