Number of Simultaneous Connections

  • Hello. I am using fpsense 2.3.4-RELEASE-p1 and freeradius 3 for user authentication.
    Number of Simultaneous Connections
    The maximum of simultaneous connections with this username. Leave empty for no limit.
    What I needed was to be an account for a user, meaning that the user could not share the account when there was no need to use it. 1 account for 1 single device. Unlike Device 1, Device 2 exits

  • Like this :
    You give away a login + password.
    The first time the user logs in, the MAC of his device is attached to this "record". Further logins need a match against password AND MAC.

    I'm pretty sure that (Free)Radius can be teached to do just that.
    You need to define some policies, rules, settings or whatever they call that when you setup FreeRadius.

    Btw : MAC's can be spoofed rather easy.

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