PfSense blocking some traffic on computer using Pulse Secure VPN

  • I am running pfSense 2.3.4 that all of my home PCs are connected to.  A family member in my home has a corporate laptop with Pulse Secure VPN client to connect to their work (with no admin options - locked down).  When connected, the computer can access e-mail, file servers, the internet, etc.  However, one software package does a license check on startup (I assume to a server somewhere maybe off their corporate network) and it keeps getting the message that it can't connect to the licensing server for verification.  When I connect everything to a regular vanilla router, everything works OK, so something in pfSense is blocking it.

    I've tried several remedies from the pfSense user groups, such as NAT outbound rule, firewall rule for GRE, and can't get it to work correctly.  What am I doing wrong?  Also, since only this one PC is running this software package that need verification, is it possible to do a rule for just the PC's MAC address to ensure everything else on my network stays secure?  Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

  • I'm seeing a similar, more pervasive issue in that Pulse will fail after being connected for a minute or two.  Did you ever find a cause for your problem?  Thanks.

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