VPN works, but can only access hosts through IP. Hostname does not resolve

  • I've have Open VPN setup on 2.3.4.  I have an AD DNS server set as primary under General setup and OPENvpn

    On Client
    Opens up fine, I can ping any IP, but I cannot ping hostnames.

    IPconfig /all shows the correct DNS server

    VPN Tunnel

    Protocol UDP
    port 1194
    Redirect Gateway on
    DNS points to AD DNS Server

    WAN any to any port 1194
    OPENVPN any to any

    any ideas?

  • What worked:

    It was the DNS suffix:
    On a computer on a domain, I needed to ipconfig /all, and under "Connection-specific DNS Suffix" it showed local.domainname.com

    Thats what needs to be under "DNS Default Domain" under VPN -> OpenVPN -> Servers -> edit

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