Route all traffic to VPN except bridge on 3rd NIC card

  • Hello, I've been poking at this for a couple hours now with no success.  With my current setup everything is being routed thru the OpenVPN client.  My son has been complaining about lagging issues and so I bought a 3rd NIC card and was hoping to set it up where anything connected to the 3rd NIC will bypass the VPN and just be let straight thru the internet. Any pointers or suggestions on how to do this would be great!  Thank you in advance!

  • If you have it configured so that everything is passed through OpenVPN. then everything will be passed through OpenVPN and adding another NIC won't change that.  I assume that since OpenVPN works you have a NIC connected to the Internet.  What purpose would the 3rd NIC serve?  Your issue is routing configuration, not hardware.

  • Hello, thanks for your reply.  I basically wanted to add another wireless router just as a bridge connection so that if my son and his friends connect to that wireless bridge they won't get the lag they are experiencing going thru the VPN.

    I know I can achieve this with aliases specifying which hosts use what, but I just wanted to see if i could set it up so I can tell the kids if they want to do gaming connect to this gaming AP. I can't seem to find out how I can add a NIC card and anything connected to the 3rd NIC will go straight out using WAN.

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