Using aliases to bypass VPN

  • Hi.

    New to pfSense and to this forum, so sorry if my question is misplaced or previously answered.
    I can find multiple answers to the question, but not any that fit my "problem".

    I use private internet access as a VPN, the VPN is up and running on OpenVPN and all is working fine.
    But when ever I or any other user on the network googles anything the reCAPTCHA page appears, which is annoying.

    I've tried adding google to aliases and the test to see if google sees my IP, via their page.
    Some few times it shows my own IP but other times it shows the PIA IP.

    Obviously google has a lot of IPs, so adding them one by one is a big task. Is there a "cure" for this?
    I've got it working for other specific pages, so the firewall rule seems to be in order.

    Once again, sorry for this question, but I haven't found any answers to this, when it comes to google.  :-[


  • I had this when I first setup pfSense…you might find you get a better response if you post in the general question.

    Not sure of your setup but maybe try OpenDNS as your DNS? What rules do you have setup...the default "Any" rules, maybe rstrict ports to 53, 80 and 443? Are you "VPN'ing" to outside your country?

    Google can detect you are using a VPN hence the Captcha...

    Not a great answer but maybe a place to start trouble shooting?

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